If you are thinking about makeing your own love doll using a mannequin. 

Making of a sex doll.

I have been asked why did you start making sex doll.
Simple R/D doll refused to sell to me wholesale after them messing with me "saying they would, and then saying no". They asked me if I am joking. I did not know trying to buy wholesale was a joke. This was some time ago when they sold a cheap latex doll.After all that shit they ltold me I could buy one of there and keep it on display at my location.

I was interested in there latex doll not there over priced silacone doll.

Then there is a Pc doll. That at the time did not sell dolls on ebay. So I asked them to sell to me wholesale. They asked me how I was going to sell dolls I told them Ebay.
The owner told me they can do that themselves. I thought "Really no kidding "
But they where not. Well untill I said I was going to sell on ebay. Ebay did not work for them once I started making affordable dolls. (to bad)

With all this no you can't bull shit. I went on with life. One night looking around at porn I found a forum about dolls. I seen a Business called the s-18 selling out there molds. This must be for me I thought.

I did buy the business and then sold it. I went on to make my own Real solid sex doll.

This is how I made Our 1st doll Kelly.

I hope you enjoy them.

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make a sex doll
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mannequin  to sexy doll
candy8teen make a sex doll

This is what I did I found a mannequin I liked. Then opened her legs.
As you can see above.

Here you can see the legs are cut and open. she is a love doll. (lol) 

You will see here that the legs are open and now getting filled.

I copyed a friend of mine ass. Her name is Mary. I like a nice ass and she had one.
I copyed her ass then make the copy is fiberglass. In return giving the mannequin a sweet ass.

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sexy mannequin ass
how to make a love doll
 love doll mkannequin
make your own sex doll

With some bondo I put the ass in place after I cut off the what I did not need. I added to her Lady rump.
I do like a thick ass. (lol)

As you can see form the photos this was work. Now the legs and all needed to be smooth in.
I dropped the doll about 2" here at this point. The mannequin was about 6" when I started.
The doll when finished was and about 4'8" I lowered the neck and the lower legs as well.

The boobs I used where from the v-18 torso from the 1st doll business I owned.
Also The open mouth was from the s-18 doll from the 1st doll business I owned.

Here she is all cleaned up.

Still work to be done.

I hope this helped you. 

with your own love doll.

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kelly candy8teen doll

This is a photo or the 1st sex doll out of the mold

We no longer make this doll 

We now make the b/5