Taffy will love you back.

4'6" love doll

Cute small boobs 

 b cup boobs

 Taffy has a open 

kissable mouth,

 7" deep pussy

 4" tight deep anal 

 Lolly sexy schoolgirl 

Big boob and ready to show you.

3'6" love doll

Perky 2d cup, 20" waist 27" hips

Lolly has a open kissable mouth.
7 " vag and 4" anal

Gunsmoke Paige 

She is our big boob love doll

She is 33-22-33

Large boobs. Double 
 Vaginal depth 8"

 Anal 7"

Image description


 Big boob love doll

She is 33-22-33
 Large boobs. Double 33"
Her waist is 22"
Vaginal depth 8"

Anal 7"

Body 5 with Pam / Paige head.

 Nice boobs great ass.


 Open kissable mouth,

7"deep pussy No anal

She uses a pussy inset

The smallest doll made in the USA

Our mini love doll  

They are the most affordable  solid love dolls. 

7"deep pussy no anal

She uses a pussy insert

Spring break Sale
Image description

Schoolgirl is a Lolita love doll 

7"deep pussy no anal

This doll has different head options

Kim, Lilly, Leah

Smiley is a b-4 solid love doll 

Sexy  young  18 

she is 4'6" tall"

Now available  

Now available

The b-4 solid love doll is the 

Sex slave of candy8teen dolls. 

Body 4 is 4'6"

 Perky b cups

Image description

     The Making of sex doll

Photo of how I made the

 Kelly doll.

Kelly had some changes made and is now the body 5

Just a fun read with photos to help you along with your love doll making

Anime Love doll 


She is a 3'6"  solid love doll


Perky 2d cup, 20" waist 27" hips
She has a open useable mouth.
7 " deep

7" vag and 4" anal

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